Friday, May 30, 2008

Back In business (30th May)

Hi All,

IM BACK! See, you can't keep me away for too long.

Its been long and difficult couple of weeks. It is always pretty serious when a baby of my age has to go back on the ventilator after being on CPAP for so long. I had pneumonia and a partial lung collapse and that on top of my chronic lung disease was enough to put me in a critical condition. In fact the doctors weren't very positive that I would recover from this set back. But of course, I proved them wrong and I am back on the way up again.

It took 2 attempts over 10 days for me to get off the ventilator and I have been off now since Wednesday and doing incredibly well. Except my days and nights are a little confused. I am awake ALL night at the moment and then sleep all day when people come to visit me. Some would say that I am doing it on purpose because I am sick of all the visitors, but I swear I'm not! The other rumour is that I have a crush on the night nurse that I have at the moment and want to stay awake all night with her. She is lovely but she isn't the reason either. I'm not sure why it keeps working out that way. At least I'm not grizzly when I am awake.

My nana Joan came all the way from australia to tell me to get better. And Grandad and Nan came back from their trip a bit early too. I figured if all these ( and heaps more) care about me so much , I better do my best to get better. And it worked.

My good friend Joss has had a hard time with Bronchitis over the last couple of weeks and is back in hospital so we send all our best wishes and healing thoughts to you too!

With Love from

A note from Mummy and Daddy:
Hi, Just a quick note to say a big thank you to all the people who phoned, text, emailed and visited Mitchell over the past couple of weeks. All your prayers, kind and positive thoughts to help us and Mitchell get through this time are all greatly appreciated. As you can imagine Mitchell has a long road ahead of him and his current progress is a "drop in the ocean" as it were, so please do continue to pray and think of him.

With Thanks,
Glenn & Tamar


Buggy said...

Hey Mitchell - I am so pleased to hear that you are feeling much better. Thank you for keeping us up-dated. I'm looking forward to visiting you one day with Rori so you two can have a play-date or something.

Keep well & keep giving everyone that gorgeous smile. :)


RussellKids said...

Hey Tamar, Glenn & Mitchell,

You are constantly in our thoughts. Thank you so much for the updates via Ann. Wishing Mitchell a speedy recovery and lots of strength.

Love Anna, Marc, Sam & Leah xxxx