Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mitchell's Last Blog ( as read at his funeral )

Hi All,

What a journey my life turned out to be. I am sorry that I have had to leave you all but I am told that I am needed for another purpose (its secret squirrel stuff I’m not allowed to talk about). It seems that my work here is done.

Over the past few months many of you would have followed my many adventures and mishaps on this blog and through my beloved family. I hope that I have served as an inspiration to you as well as given you a smile from time to time. And while I didn’t get to meet a lot of you, I appreciate that there were always so many people who thought about, loved, prayed and sent positive vibes to me. I felt them all and they helped me to battle on for as long as I possibly could.

For those that I did get to meet, thank you. I always loved to have visitors and was always a bit sad when Mummy and Daddy told me that I was asleep when someone came in to see me. But at least you didn’t see me when I was grumpy. Apparently I’m not so lovely then. I’m sure that if I had gone home straight after birth like a lot of babies do, I wouldn’t have met anywhere near as many special people. I was never alone and always had lots of company. I meet some other very special babies and their parents while in the neonatal unit. Making mischief with bells and alarms with the other babes so that the nurses would have to run between us was always the most fun. None of them I will forget and I will visit them from time to time to see what they are up to.

Speaking of nurses, where are my blue pyjamas? I’m pretty sure that I was promised a pair of my own. Never mind, I thank you all for looking after me with such passion on both the good days and the bad. I know that on some days I certainly made you work for your money. And to all the doctors, specialists and everyone else at the neonatal unit I thank you. You were my home. I am sure that without all of your good work I would never have made it past week one. I know that you were all rooting for me (if only secretly) till the very end.

I learnt a lot in my seven months of life. I learnt about some key things that make up life. I learnt about how great family and friends are, especially when they bring you presents and tell you stories. I learnt about love and how wonderful it feels to be loved so I always looked forward to 5:30 everyday when Mummy brings Daddy in to see me and they give me warm cuddles and baths. I learnt about happiness and whether that is in the form of a little rubber duck we call ducky holding in your dummy or having your tummy filled with milk on time doesn’t matter, it all feels great. I learnt that it is ok to take lollies from strangers as long as they are wearing blue scrubs and say that it is called sucrose. I learnt that hiding things is great fun, I know that daddy thinks I am still hiding stuff even now. I also learnt that Mummy’s and Daddy’s are the best people in the world.

I hope that from the things that I have learnt you will all be reminded of those great and simple things in your lives that makes life great, and have a little bit of appreciation for them amongst all the noise that is everything else.

While I don’t hope to see any of you again soon for obvious reasons, I do hope to see you all again one day and that you will always remember me. I have a place marker in the sky, but I bet you can’t guess which one!

With Love From,


A Note From Mummy & Daddy:

Firstly, apologies for putting up the incorrect street address of 175 adelaide road instead of 375. I hope that everyone found the venue ok.

Secondly, thank you to everyone that has sent through comments on here, cards to us and donations to the neonatal trust. We have read them all and sincerely appreciate them.

Thirdly, thank you to everyone that attended Mitchell's service today. Having so many special people there made the day even more fantastic.

Thank You all, you are all in our hearts.

Glenn & Tamar


MsMelza said...

There was an opppurtunity at Mitchells funeral to share memories and messages with everyone, I was (like everyone else!) to choked up to speak, even though the pastor said tears were okay, you wouldn't have heard me through the sobs and snot :) Had I spoke I would have said something along these lines

"... for those of you who don't know me, I'm demelza, Tamars little sister. As some of you may undestand little sisters watch big sisters very closely as they grow up. I saw Tamar learn to drive, buy a car first, stay out all ngiht first, bring home boys first, get an after school job first, leave college, get a 'real job' first and get engaged first. And so followign this through it was with great excitement and anticipation that I watched tamar go through her pregnancy with mitchell. FIrst pregnancy in our immediate family and first grandchild. Being her mini me, I wanted to see how it all worked out for her and learn everything I could from her experience. If Tamar could do it, so could I.

Tamar, (and glen!) has set an amazing example to me yet again of dedication, perserverance and love. As a mother, a sister and a freind she is an amazing person and has brought another amazing wee life into our family.

Mitchell had the best experince a child could want of a parents unwavering love and support and presence.

Day in and out Tamar would be by his side. Infact I estimate almost 200 return trips in and out of the hospital from mitchells side- leaving him at night and being there in the morning.

Although Mitchells life was not the oridinary kind he was provided with extraordinary love and care from all of those around him.

And so to his doctors and nurses and everyone at the neo natal unit, I express a hearfelt thanks.

To our family and freinds, much love also. To Tamar and glen, all my love and support.

And to my big sister,
thanks again, for once again showing me how is should be done, and doing right.

I love you.

Demelza ... "


Debbie said...

I have only in the past few days found out about your beautiful son's passing! My heart and thoughts go out to you all! I am a Treausres Mum but I also co-founded an amazing organisation called Care 2 Crop where we make Scrapbooks for families that are or have gone through situations among other things like you! If this is something you would like in the future please do contact me as all the laddies and I at Care 2 Crop would love to donate an album all about Mitchell for you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mitchell

For so long Mitchell, we all hoped, prayed and crossed our fingers wishing for your good health.

As one of my very first friends, I have been expecially fond of you. I was only 3 days old when you joined me in Room B and we quickly got to know each other from across the room. It soon became a bit of a game for us in the weight stakes, matching each other soon enough ounce for ounce and you had me pretty well beat with fancy equipment - if only we could swing from the hoses across the roof!

But I reckon we have been a couple of the luckiest kids out with the devotion shown by our Mums and Dads. I have to admit, I did used to keep an ear open to catch up on the latest installment of Peter Rabbit when I heard your Mummy open the book and start reading and 'Guess How Much I Love You' was the second book I heard and a favourite, so it was a fuzzy feeling when Mum said it was read out at your service.

Mitchell, you have been blessed with parents who went to the ends of the earth to give you seven love-filled, precious months and you have given them and all those who love you so much back in return.

Rest now wee man, you can roll about to your hearts content, bounce like Tigger on the clouds and be free of all the hospitals equipment.
Your gorgeous, twinkly eyes - oh so like your Daddy's, cherubic smile, love for everyone and fierce determination will never, ever be forgotten.

We will look for your marker in the skies.

With so much love to you and your family, Greer, Anna, Ben and James Bolitho x

Joy Hetherington said...

Ohh my....

I am a treasures mummy and I have just found your blog and read a little of mitchells journey. Wow, what can I say. Once again, thru that website, an angel has touched my heart.
I wont say im sorry for all of what you have been thru, because Mitchell obvously was a huge blessing to have, even for a short time. your first born and he looks so so special. You can see there is a beautiful spirit in his little body, and now his little spirit lives on in your heart forever and I can betcha he is with you always.
I am so so sorry he had to leave you tho. Even tho I lost my childrens father last year I cant begin to imagine how you say goodbye to your sweet precious little boy. But I fully believe he was sent to you for a reason, and that his spirit will be with you forever, and one day you will see him again.
Take care of yourselves and I hope to see you win that comp for the wedding!! You have my vote xxx
Joy - wigglebumsmum