Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Precious Boy ( 5th Dec)

A very special Happy Birthday Mitchell. Celebrate in style (with ducky of course). We always remember and miss you. Love from Mummy and Daddy

The first day that we met you,
was only a year ago today
In such a rush to meet the world
You chose your own birthday

We had to wait an entire month
to hold you in our arms
But having life with you
was not without it's charms

Your cheeky grin, engaging eyes
and love for everyone
made life so full of joy and hope
you were brighter than the sun

You and your ducky
were never far apart
we keep a few around us now
to remind us of your start

For seven months you fought
to let us take you home
It was hard to watch at times
but you never seemed to groan

We hope that you are happy,
Playing in the sky above
We miss you each and every day
So, Happy Birthday Son, with love


MsMelza said...
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MsMelza said...

Happy First Birthday to the boy that brought us love and hope and joy. And even though hes gone still brings it to us this day.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell, Tamar and Glenn
Our thoughts were with you Dec 5th and over Christmas this year. Amazing to think it is now one year since we met in NICU. Then, and now, you are never far from our thoughts, we think of and talk of Mitchell often and most especially on his very first birthday.
With love Anna, Ben, James & Greer

Anonymous said...

Dear Tamar, Glen and Mitchell,
Was thinking of you all on Dec 5th, and think of the 3 of you often. Big love and hugs to you all,

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Mitchell for yesterday hope their was lots of pressies n cakes up in Heaven n u had ur rubber duckie with u watching over mum n dad :)