Saturday, December 22, 2007

The first few days

Hi Again,
Well my first few days were interesting. My new home is interesting. It is a little glass house that is really warm and there are lots of machines that make beeping and alarm sounds.

I was breathing quite well so the doctors decided that I would probably do well with trying out the "Big Boy prongs" (CPAP) and take me off the ventilator. I was able to last a little while with using these, but my little lungs weren't quite ready to do the breathing by themselves so I was put back on the ventilator. They tried again a couple of days later but I only lasted about 1/2 an hour before I got too tired.

I have had my blood tests taken to check that I am ok and not sick with any infections etc, but they have started me on antibiotics just in case. They have also started me on a course of drugs to close a valve in my heart that isn't closed properly. Apparently this is quite normal so mummy and daddy aren't too worried.

Mummy and Daddy have been down to see me lots and I have been very active kicking and reaching about exploring my new home. I have also been twitching a fair bit. The nurses think that this is a premature baby thing that will ease over the next few days. Mummy and daddy have started to help the nurses with my cares. This includes taking my temperature, washing my face and changing my nappy. They find if very exciting, even when I don't want them to be doing it and am a real wriggle bum.

I have met a lot of people these first few days. Most of my family has been in and said hello, even though I cant see them yet I can hear all of their different voices.

My blood tests come back and everything looks good so they have stopped giving me the antibiotics - YAY! The valve in my heart has also closed which is great news. I have been looking a bit yellow so they have given me this nice blue light to sunbathe under and a pair of baby raybans that I keep trying to pull off. I also try and pull out all of my tubes and wires. But the nurses have gotten smart and started taping them down. Hmmm, I will need to think of something else to do.

My blood sugar levels are a little low towards the end of the first week so I am started on a course of insulin.

I also start having a little bit of mummy's breast milk which is yummy. I will have to wait and see if they start to give me more.

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