Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Opening my eyes....

Hi All,
One of my eyes has started opening! Although I can't see much detail I can see shapes and associate voices with the shapes that is very exciting. No doubt my other eye will be ready to open soon too.

My tummy hasn't coped very well with the breast milk and swollen up a bit. They keep sucking out the contents of my tummy to see if I am processing it very well and at the moment I am not so they have decided not to give me anymore until they figure out what is going on. Sucky. They have put me on antibiotics in case I have a tummy infection.

I am still on the ventilator and had a couple more courses of steroids to help to develop my lungs better. They are doing xray's on them a lot to see if they are developing. At the moment they are pretty much the same.

It seems that the valve in my heart has reopened so they have also started me on another course of the drugs to close it again.

So as you can see there is a lot going on. Mummy and Daddy come in to see me a couple of times a day and help with my cares ( changing etc ) and talk to me. I often open my eye when daddy talks to me because he has a nice deep voice.

talk to you soon....

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