Monday, December 31, 2007

A sore tummy

Hi All,
Well my sore tummy has returned so I am not a very happy chappy at the moment. I have been put back on the antibiotics to help combat any infection that may be there. I am also on a little bit of morphine which makes me quite sleepy so I will have to keep this post short.

My doctor came to see me today and did an ultrasound of my heart to check the PDA valve again. Man that gel they use is cold. I tried to push him away but he is a lot bigger than me so I just went to sleep instead while he did what he needed to do. Afterwards I did hear him talking to mummy and daddy about me. Sounds like the valve hasn't closed yet and they think that is why my lungs aren't getting any better and I am still on the respirator. Something about my heart and lungs having to process more blood because of it. Anyway, it sounds like they might be doing surgery to close it on friday! We will have to wait and see what the surgeon says on Thursday. I'm not going to get too worried about it as it sounds like quite a few babies have this done and they are fine.

Hehe, when mummy and daddy came to see me last night they both looked funny! Daddy had gotten sun burnt and was the same colour as his t-shirt! And mummy had burnt her hand while cooking dinner and had it all bandaged up and in a sling! Silly mummy and Silly daddy! It sounds like they had quite a day. They were both much better today though and mummy's hand just has some plasters on it now.

I Met my Aunty Lucy from new plymouth today! And her cousin Carissa. Apparently Aunty Lucy is moving to wellington in Feb and she has a daughter only a few months older than me. I am sure that we are going to be good friends and get into mischief together....=0)

Happy New Years everyone!


To find out more about Patent Ductus Ateriosis and what they do to close it ( Mitchell's surgery ) go here.....

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