Sunday, December 30, 2007

Daddy's Birthday ( 29th Dec )

Hi All,
Well it has been a cruisy few days for me. I have been off all steroids and antibiotics and the only drug that I am on is a diuretic to help me get rid of some puffiness in on some parts of my body ( left over from the oscillating ventilator ) and from my lungs.

I have however started "resisting the ventilator" somtimes. Basically it seems like I hold my breath. I have come particularly good at doing it when mummy and daddy go to leave. I think that its time to breath on my own a bit more so I am just waiting for the doctors to agree with me. ( maybe monday)

Today was daddy's birthday! He spent a lot of time telling me about his presents he was given and the presents he bought himself. He was very happy today which makes me very happy. Mummy said that she had made daddy a nice big cheesecake and they were having some friends come over tonight. They wished I could be there to show me off, and of course I wish that I could be home with them too. Next december will be fun! It will be my birthday then christmas and then daddys birthday! I can't wait, I will be a whole year old.

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bill said...

happy birthday Glenn, (daddy), hope the cheeeeesecake went down well, i wonder if Mitchell well have the Brinfield Appetite?

Have a Great NEW YEAR and if you have any questions abut changing dirty nappies, ask SHANE!!!!