Monday, January 7, 2008

Recovering Well (7th Jan)

Hi All,

Well the nurses keep saying that I am recovering well which is great news. I'm not as tired as I was which is good too. They are slowly turning down my morphine and have turned the suction off for my chest drain. As long as its not still draining anything naturally they will remove it all together tonight or tomorrow, which is great! Just one less tube! I am having a chest xray this afternoon to make sure that everything is chugging along as it should be. My oxygen and nitric dependency levels are slowly being decreased too, which is also good. All in all everyone is pleased with my progress I am feeling pretty good.

I had lots of visitors yesterday. My grandparents came to see me and they were very surprised to see me awake and alert. They hadn't seen me so awake before. Grandad was telling me a story of how successful I am going to be when I grow up. He said it was a true story and that I was the star, so that was nice. I just have to make it come true.

I also met my Great Uncle Gordon and Great Aunty Jenny from Auckland. And they bought me a lovely present. Thanks guys, it was nice to meet you.

With love from

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Dennis007 said...

We are sure Mitchell will have liots of stories to tell his grandchildren! Our son (Josh) was born at 29 weeks 16 years ago and was 1300 grams (That was considered small then!) but was twice the size of Mitchell.. we are friends of Ann and Howards, and also freinds with the Bolitho's extended family in Nelson.
Thinking of you all during this tough time.
Dennis and Lakshmi Prendergast