Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My New Hat ( 9th of Jan )

Hi All,

I'm allowed to wear my new hat! It is lovely and soft and blue. My Great-Grandmother and Great-Aunty in Invercargill knitted it for me. It is snuggly and warm. The bootees are still a bit too big, but I will grow into them. I have been given lots of clothes, but at the moment they are all too big and I'm not wearing clothes at all. If I had my way I wouldn't even wear my nappy!

I am still doing well although I seem to have a minor infection ( probably from removing the chest drain from my surgery ) and they have put me on antibiotics again to clear it up. But otherwise I am doing well. My oxygen dependency levels are decreasing and so is the nitric gas that I am on too. The Dr's are going to see about trialling me on the big boy breathing prongs either tomorrow or friday if everything keeps going well, which is really exciting! Fingers crossed that it goes ahead.

Mummy has started reading me bedtime stories when they come in to see me at night. I am really enjoying it and have been awake ( well trying to stay awake ) while she reads to me. She is reading me a winnie the pooh book. I really like pooh's poems and the "tiddely poms" he has in them.

With Love from Mitchell


Tishy said...

Such a cutie with your wee hat Mitchell. Glad you're doing so well.


Anonymous said...

wow he so little still.. what a queetie pie.

Anonymous said...

oops sorry forgot to say it's kahu

bill said...

MY GOD, Hes a little fighter and what a lovely hat!!, great to hear that he is doing so well, whats Tamar reading to him?

MsMelza said...

She's reading Winnie he Pooh, He likes the story where Piglet n Pooh Move Eyores house and he thinks its gone for good :D