Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Royal Suite ( 7th Feb )

Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, but Mummy and Daddy have both had a bad cold and then I might have got a touch of it too. Because the Dr's and Nurses weren't sure if i had it & the blood tests and cultures take 48hrs to confirm if I have a virus or infection, I was moved off to the isolation room just in case. The move is really just precautionary, so that I don't get anything else, and I don't give the cold to anyone else ( especially the other babies ).

Its not a bad little room, all by myself and with my own nurse at my beck and call. It is much quieter than room B. The reason it was thought that I might have gotten a cold too was because my temperature went high for a few hours and then the next morning I was really grumpy and couldn't get comfy. I only settled when they gave me some panadol.

So here I have been for the past couple of days. It was thought that I would probably end up back on the ventilator because of it, but it hasn't proved to be the case. In fact, I have been pretty good with no real symptoms since I have been moved. The tests that came back today have said that I don't have a virus so that is good, but I am not sure when they will move me back.

I was a bit naughty last night though and stayed up way past my bed time. Actually, I think I stayed up most of the night. The nurse wasn't too impressed, but I have slept pretty well today!

I am starting to put on weight and when I was weighed yesterday I was 1234 grams, which is pretty cool! All the numbers in a row. I have some fortifier added to my milk now which will also help me to bulk up, and I have steroids every second day too. I guess that I wont be doing any professional sports!

Oh! and on tuesday I was 2 months old. How about that?

You will notice on a couple of my pictures I don't even have my snorkel on, pretty clever huh?

With Love from

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mum said...

hi glenn tamar and mitchell glad 2 hear that things are going well.every 0ne here say hi as well love mum.