Friday, February 1, 2008

YAY for me! ( 1st Feb )

Hi All,

I have had a very exciting day today, filled with positive steps. Firstly I have been completely weaned off the Nitric gas ( I have been on it almost the whole time I have been in Neonates ) and also weaned off the Morphine. The other huge thing is that I am back on the CPAP snorkel! Its very exciting.

I was a bit upset for a couple of hours after being changed over, but once I had a nap I felt much better and I am coping well. I am using a high volume of oxygen, but that is always the case straight after big changes. I am very proud of myself and I know that Mummy and Daddy are proud of me too.

The nurse weighed me tonight because I hadn't been weighed since the 21/1 and I now weigh 1120 grams - which isn't bad considering what has gone on since my last weigh in. I am also back up to full feeds which means that I will put on weight a lot quicker now too. So watch this space! The doctors say it is very important for me to put on weight now so that everything can grow bigger and stronger ( especially my lungs ). Mummy offered me some of her weight, but I don't think it works that way.

The poll for the next book we will read has closed and the winner is.... The tales of Peter Rabbit and friends. Which is good, as we have less than 10 pages of Winnie the Pooh left. Now we just have to get the book. Mummy said that Yiayia (grandmother) has one with 4 stories in it so we will get that one and then we will get the one with all of the Beatrix Potter stories in it from the library. Thank you for voting everyone!

Have and awesome weekend!

With Love From

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