Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wow! What a Week! ( 17 Feb )

Hi All,

It has been a busy week! I warn you now, this is a long post!

I have had a bit of an up and down week health wise which is never fun, but nothing major has happened. I have just gotten a bit tired. This means that my oxygen dependency and my temperature has been steadily increasing over the past week. I wasn't showing any signs of being sick or anything which is really good. Some changes were made to the settings on my CPAP ( snorkel) which may have happened a bit quick and I didn't cope with very well. Anyway it all came to a bit of head yesterday ( Sat ) and I had to get some help breathing for a little bit. All the changes had to be reverted to make sure that breathing was made as easy as possible for me. I have recovered ok ( and still on the snorkel ), but of course I was pretty grumpy yesterday afternoon. Daddy did a good job of calming me down and sending me off to sleep though. I have also been pretty settled and sleepy today.

I have also been moved out of the isolation room and into the main part of room c. It's a bit noisier out here, but its nice to have the other babies about. I think that I am the smallest though so I have some catching up to do! Because my temperature wasn't ver stable over the last couple of days I have also been put back into a full incubator to help keep me warm. Mummy and Daddy got a fright when they walked into the room and saw an incubator in my spot, they wondered if it was a different baby at first until they saw my name tag. Hopefully, I won't have to stay in it for too long.

Valentines day was cool. I got my first ever valentines day card from the NNU staff which was really cool. Mummy also read me a winnie the pooh story about a valentines day party. Eyeore thought that nobody had sent him any valentines and he was even sadder than usual. But it turned out that his letter box had fallen over and the valentines had been blown into the bushes. I'm glad that my valentine didn't get blown away! We have also started reading stories about Peter Rabbit. And of course Flopsie, Mopsie and Cottontail. Oh, and Mr MacGregors Garden. Peter Rabbit is very naughty. Apparently the book Mummy is reading from is from when she was little so it is very special. And someone has drawn some extra bits in it, but we don't mind. Mummy doesn't think it was her, but it might have been.

I have met some more of my extended family this week too. I met my great grandmother from invercargill and a great uncle and great aunty from christchurch. They have all been up because my Uncle Giles got married to Aunty Sheree on Friday! It was very exciting. Mummy and Daddy got dressed up and they also got me dressed up in a little bow tie and took photo's so that they could show Giles and Sheree that I really wanted to be there. But in saying that, I am supposed to still be in Mummy's tummy at the moment! But i hope that my uncle and aunty have a wonderful honeymoon and a fantastic life together ( with me in it ). Congratulations to you both.

Another reason that a lot of the family was here in wellington is that one of my great grandmothers ( I am lucky, I have 3) is turning 85 in a week or so, so they had a big celebratory lunch while everyone was here. Apparently that was fantastic too, so I am sorry I missed it, but I am sure that she understands!

And one more thing, I am now in big boy nappies! They are still WAY too big for me and if they were pulled all the way up, would go right up to my arm pits, but it is still progress!

I hope that you all are well.

With love from

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