Monday, February 25, 2008

A Rough Week ( 25th Feb)

Hi All,

I'm Sorry for the lack of posts, I haven't been very well.

For a few days last week I had a really high heartbeat, really laboured breathing and was really grumpy. I had lots of tests done and was more carefully monitored but no one could find out what was wrong with me. I just didn't feel like myself. Then it went away.

Then during the weekend the hernia in my groin started playing up and wasn't able to be pushed back in very easily. The nurses got a bit worried and called out the surgeon to have a look and see if it needed to be fixed right away as my tummy was also all bloated and they thought that the two were related. The surgeon was able to push the hernia back in (without surgery) but I am now on the priority list for having the surgery to have it fixed. If it had stayed easily reducible I would have just had it fixed closer to when I go home. From what I heard today they are looking at doing the surgery this friday so I will keep you posted. They also stopped my feeds on Sun and had my tummy being continually suctioned to give it a rest from processing food. That means that they had to put another IV line into me so that I could be intravenously fed. It is nowhere near as good as breast milk. Thankfully, they have restarted my feeds today, but it means that I have to slowly build up to a full feed again! I was having 33mls every 3 hours, which I was quite proud of. Hopefully it won't take to long to build up again, but I guess that it will be taken away again when I have the surgery!

There have still been a few positive things this week. Like.... being put back into a heated open cot, and now weighing 1540 grams! (that is over twice my birth weight). And my favourite, having cuddles with Mummy and daddy again!

I have also found a new appreciation for my dummy. I still need help holding it in my mouth, but I am getting pretty good at helping hold the hand that holds the dummy...=0). I'm sure that it would fall out if I didn't hold the hand, so my job is very important.

We have been reading some lovely Peter Rabbit stories, but I am not sure about the one we are reading at the moment. Benjamin Bunny & Flopsy's babies have been stolen and are going to be eaten for breakfast! But it looks like it might be ok, benjamin bunny & peter rabbit are trying to save them. I think that the story is called the tale of Mr Tod. I hope that the bunnies are ok, I wouldn't like to be eaten for breakfast, even though people have said that I am so yummy she could eat me all up!

Take Care,
With Love From

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