Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lightsaber laser surgery ( 18th March )

Hi All,

Well I ended up having the laser eye surgery today (tuesday) instead of yesterday (monday) because the surgeon wasn't around yesterday. But it all went really well and was a lot quicker than anticipated too. I am on the ventilator at the moment, and the nurses have taped it down really well because I keep trying to pull it out. Hopefully I should come off the ventilator tomorrow and back onto the snorkel. They will also wean me off the morphine.

Sunday was a good day too. I had visitors. My Nana ( said Nah-nah, like banana ) my great aunty and my yia-yia (grandmother) all came to visit me. It meant that there were 4 generations in the same room. Nana had a great privilege too, she became the first person other than my mummy and daddy to have a cuddle with me. And it was great! The only drama was when I managed to get my snorkel prongs out of my nose and started sucking on them. That has become my new trick. I have done it a few times over the last few days and the nurses have noticed that when I do it, I cope quite well so they are thinking that it might be time to trial me on the next level of CPAP which is really exciting. We have to wait and see what happens once I am off the ventilator though.

Mummy also told me a funny story about when she went to take my visitors home on sunday. She asked them to meet her at the car while she got her parking card stamped and they all got lost! It took 20 minutes for them to find the car and for mummy to find them. It made mummy and me laugh and remind mummy of the old song... "Oh dear, what could the matter be? Three old ladies got locked in the lavatory......" but at least they all eventually met up.

Oh and I almost forgot! Some of my biggest news ( excuse the pun ), I now weigh over 2 Kgs! I have finally broken that barrier! Yippee for me! I may lose some weight over the next couple of days because of not eating after the surgery, but still, I made it!

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