Sunday, March 16, 2008

100 Days old! ( 15th March )

Hi All!

I had a really exciting day today. I am now 100 days old!

I have been quite grumpy the past couple of days ( I have had some more steroids to help my lungs ) and everyone went to great measures today to cheer me up, and guess what, it worked!

I haven't been sleeping much, which means I am a bit over tired too. So while I was awake this morning the nurses got me up and put me in the bouncer. I really like the bouncer and being able to see so much more. But with the nurses bouncing and rocking me i soon fell asleep, which was kind of nice.

Later that afternoon, Mummy and Daddy came in and they gave me bath! First they got me undressed and took all of my leads off. They also put a towel under me. Then Mummy lathered up her hands with some lovely smelling stuff and rubbed me all over making me all slippery and bubbly. It was nice, like a massage. Then I got to go in the water. They eased me into it and it was lovely and warm. Although I didn't like it much when Mummy let go of my bottom and I was just floating. She was still holdng my top half, but it was a bit scary to be kicking my feet around, so Mummy held me again and Daddy washed all the soap off me. I liked that bit with the dripping water and the flannel. Then I got turned over onto my tummy and that was nice too, then I could see the water! Then I go out and wrapped up in a towel and dried off. But we weren't finished there! with me all wrapped up in the towel, mummy held my head over the bath and washed my hair, that bit was nice too. Boy, did I smell good after all that!

Next I got to have a nice long kangaroo cuddle with Daddy. It was lovely. Once i went back to bed I was nice and relaxed and had a nice sleep overnight. I can't wait till we can do that again.

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