Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vaccinations ( 30 march )

Hi All,

Life here in the neonatal unit was getting a little boring so a couple of the nurses decided to decorate my area. They hung pictures from the ceiling from string so that they move and are good to look at, and put other pictures on my wall. They say it was for my benefit, but I think that they were just having a slow night. Thanks Lisa!

My weight is going up in leaps and bounds. I now weigh 2.5kgs! Thats 5.5 lbs, so the size of a small new born baby. Everyone keeps talking about how big I am getting. Even Mummy and Daddy. They notice it especially when having cuddles as I am a lot bigger to hold! I think that the dr's still think that I have poor growth, so I am not sure how big I have to get to be considered growing well!

On Friday Night I had my first lot of vaccinations. I was supposed to have them when I was six weeks old, but I haven't been considered well enough to cope with them until now. Mummy stayed with me and patted and talked to me while nurse Jackie did them. Everyone was so amazed at how well I did with them. I just lay there quietly watching all the goings on while they did them. I personally didn't see what all the fuss was about. It was about the same as when they put an IV line in or take a blood test so I am well used to them. But Mummy and Daddy told me how proud of me they were so that was nice. As you might have guessed, I am a few months behind in my shots, so I have to have my 3 month ones in a few weeks. Oh well, thats life.

I'm not allowed in the hammock anymore...=0(. It was decided that because I don't lie flat in it, I might easily block my airway in it so it's not particularly safe. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. At least I can still go in the bouncy chair though.

I got a lovely present this week too. It was from my baby friend Greer and her family. It is a blue polar fleece blanket. It has a helicopter and my name on it. How cool is that? And some of my friends here in the unit got one too. We all have different pictures ( and of course different names!). They are pretty special. And good luck Greer with graduating off the oxygen this week, that sounds like awesome news! But I am gaining on you weight wise so you better watch out! ....=0)

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bill said...

wow, he is looking so much bigger now, you must be feeling so much more releived that he is doing so strongly, takes after the brinfield family, we just soldier on.

georgia and i wish you all a great easter and don't forget today is the april fools day.

give my best to tamara and mitchell glenn, and don't be a stranger