Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2 for wellington Please ( 1st April )

Hi All,

Big news! I am now being trialled on the wellington CPAP! I am not the only one either. My baby friend Eva and I are having a race to see who stays on it permanently first. I don't want to be the last long term baby to have moved onto it!

It is SOO much better than the snorkel. I can see so much more now with out that thing in the way and people can now see my face better too. I also don't have to wear the helmet thing whcih is great, because it was rubbing on my shoulders and making them sore. Every six hours I am changed from wellington to snorkel to get me used to wellington. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I am on it all the time!

I panicked a little when I went on it at first, but I soon worked out that I was ok. It is great for having cuddles with. It means that Mummy and Daddy can pick me up much more easily and don't need so much help with all the hoses from the nurses. Yesterday soon after I first went onto it, I realised that it meant that ANYONE might now pick me up and give me a cuddle. So I stayed awake for ages begging for attention from the nurses. They got the better of me in the end and gave me a bath. That made me tired so I went to sleep about 1am.

Infact, I have been alot more aake in general recently. And not just grumpy awake either. I can quite often be found lying in my cot quietly looking around or smiling at my ducky and pictures. I have great big smiles now. Mummy and Daddy have yet to capture a really big one on camera, they still only get my little cheeky ones. I do surprise some of my nurses with them too. They don't get too many babie's in the unit that get old enough to do big smiles so it always brightens their days too. I had one nurse, who when it was time to hand over at the end of her shift, only wanted to talk about the lovely big smile I had given her. It was kind of funny.

With Love from,

PS, as you can see from the photo, it was linen day at the unit, thats why I got stuck with a pink and purple blanket. Apparently it makes me metrosexual, what ever that means!

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