Monday, April 28, 2008

On the up... (28th April)

Hi All,

I have had a really good week. I have been having steroids every second day and that means that I am not working as hard to breathe, which makes me a lot calmer too. I have been awake a lot, but not really grumpy. I like to look around at the room and play with my activity gym. I have been doing that a lot recently. Mummy and Daddy have said that I have big black eyes from not getting enough sleep, so last night I slept most of the night which made them happy and apparently today my eyes looked a lot better.

There have been a lot of comings and goings in the neonatal unit this week. The whole place has been very hectic. I am lucky that I got to stay where I am! My friend Hector left to go to the paediatric ward on thursday. It was kind of sad, but he gave me a wave as he was wheeled past - he looked kind of excited to have all these interesting things to look at on the way! Apparently he has a nice room that over looks the children's playground. Mummy said that she will go and visit and say hello for me. One of my other baby friends Joss, got moved out to Hutt hospital this week. He is really close to going home so that is really exciting. I hope that it all goes well for him and his family, but I will miss him!

I am having some blood taken tonight so that it can be sent to the USA for surfactant testing. They have to take 10 mls, which is heaps from little old me! It is so much that they might have to take it from an artery via an arterial line, and then I might have to have a blood top up, so that they can replace what they took! Its a good thing that I am used to all of this stuff. It is quite exciting to think that part of me is going to be off travelling the world, even though I will be staying here. I wonder if they can hook a camera up to the parcel so that I can see where it goes? hmmmm....

As you can see from my photos, when I do sleep, I sleep in interesting postions! Mummy and Daddy are still trying hard to capture one of my big cheesy grins on camera, but I am having great fun in only smiling when they put the camera away. Mummy did get one this week, but the photo is kind of blurry.

With Love from

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Anonymous said...

To my friend Mitchell
Hi Mitchell - Mum hasn't caught up with your Mum for a couple of weeks so we hope everything is going ok - aren't you just growing up all big and handsome!! I got weighed last week and was 8lb 2oz. Mum and Dad were really pleased - we even went to the sounds for the weekend and I was a great little traveller. I have caught another cold off Mum and James and when I get sick I get very sleepy which is probably best really. Poor Mum has had so many colds since having been ill with me so hopefully that will stop soon and we can all be healthy again. Had another monitoring off oxygen a couple of nights ago and just waiting to hear back - Mum's glad I'm still on a whiff when I'm a bit blocked up, though it doesn't stop me sleeping nicely - I did 12 hours last night!! Wow...was a hungry girl this morning :)
I hope the nurses are still playing nice music for you in the unit - I rather like the look of your lovely big bed - looks most comfy and you look so cute all snuggled up on your pillows like a koala - thats what Mum calls me too cause I snuggle up to her like a koala :)
Give everyone big hugs for me - I bet you miss Hector so hope you have a new buddy beside you. We're looking forward to hearing of your adventures soon...
With so much love, Greer (and family!)