Wednesday, May 7, 2008

5 Months on (7th may)

Hi All,

On monday I had another birthday, I was five months old. And today I am 22 weeks old. That means that I am 154 days old. And the doctors say that I am 48 + 1 ( 48 weeks + 1 day gestation) or 8 weeks corrected. Isn't it amazing that there are so many ways of measuring how old I am?

I have had a good week this week and the steroids are now only being given when my oxygen gets back over 80%, which means that I haven't had any since last friday which is pretty good. I have had a couple of grumpy days, but overall I have been pretty good. My blood got sent off to the states on thursday, but apparently it will take 4 weeks for the results to come back which is a bit stink. Oh well, I am going to be here anyway!

Mummy has a nasty sore throat at the moment so didn't come and see me today. She came in yesterday when it wasn't too bad but had to wear one of those face masks. She looked really funny and made me smile a lot. It meant that Mummy finally caught one of my big grins on camera! Infact the photos kind of make me look like I am laughing but I'm not yet, I am still working on that one. Yia-Yia (grandmother) came to visit me today because Mummy couldn't. I had a cuddle with her when she come to see me at the weekend, but today we just played with my toys. She even got a few smiles out of me, which made her day. Daddy came to see me by himself tonight too, which I always love. It's always nice to talk about boys stuff.

Joss is back to visit me briefly. And he is in the spot across from me which is cool! He had a hernia op today ( the same as I had ). And it all went well, so with all going according to plan, he should be able to go home tomorrow! Eva went up to Palmerston north hospital on Monday which is where her family is from. That is a big step for her and means that she is on the right track for going home too which is great. She bought me an awesome present ( well her mummy did ) to say goodbye. It is a Moose that has bells and crinkly things in its feet and has a lovely red and white scarf. I love looking at him, he makes me smile. I do kind of feel though that all my friends are leaving me.... but I guess it just means that I have to make new ones!

With love from

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