Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot! ( 12th may )

Hi All,

Well I have had another interesting week. Most of it was fine and dandy but on Friday I had a temperature of 39.7 degrees, so the dr's have put an IV line in my arm ( which I felt obliged to pull out on sunday so they put a new one in my leg) and started me on a course of antibugs (antibiotics). They have sent off all the obligatory blood tests and cultures, but I am sure like all the other times, they will come back with nothing. They did do an X-ray of my lungs on friday night and found that a small part had collapsed on the upper right lung, but this could be because I have been favouring lying on that side recently! As you can probably tell, this is all pretty normal for me. But the Doctors have to do their jobs and treat all temperatures etc as serious.

Mummy is over her throat thingy which means no more funny mask. It was Mummy's day on Sunday and we got to have a cuddle after not having one all week. It was really nice. Apparently I made her a card but I don't remember doing it. And the foot prints on it are way too big to be mine, so I think that the nurses probably made it for me. But its pretty cool that they did. Mummy loved it. And the bootees ( that are for me, but are too big) and the smellies. Daddy also made her breakfast and Dinner and bought her a present so she was pretty spoilt for her first Mother's day. Hmm, means there is a lot for me to live up to for next year!

Joss got to go home! Yay for Joss! I am a bit jealous, but I hope that everything is going fantastically for them. I am sure that it will be.

It is my Aunty Melza Moo's birthday tomorrow. She is coming to see me and if all goes according to plan, then I might have a cuddle with her. Thats pretty exciting. I like having cuddles with new people. I hope that I am awake when she comes to visit!

With love from


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchell
We love your teddy bear and hope this reaches you with a reduced temperature. Have you still got your favourite nurses spoiling you?...
All is well here - your friend Greer has come off the oxygen - was meant to on Tuesday but we held off till Friday as she had a cold. You will be so excited when it happens for you, Greer is far less frustrated without it so we enjoyed that ceremony.
Big hugs to your Mummy and Daddy too - we know they are super busy with lots of travel between the hospital and home so we'll keep dropping wee lines to you with all our wishes.
Love Anna, Ben, James & Greer xxxx

2mums & 2boys said...

Mummy has been dropping in from time to time (on the BLOG) to see how you are doing. What a tenacious wee fighter you are, your Mummy and Daddy are going to have a whirl-wind of a boy on their hands when you come home!! he he he ... I still keep my family on their toes! It goes with the 'ex-preemie' territory!!
Hugs from one 26 weeker to another!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Little Mitchell,

You are a big fighter so stick in there. We are thinking out you all the way over here in Melbourne.

With love

Jim & Owen