Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bye Hector! Bye Nana Joan!( 11 June)

Hi All,

Well my good friend Hector went home yesterday! It was so exciting for him to finally be going home after 7 months! Yay for Hector! It was sad for Mummy to say goodbye though as she will miss him and his family terribly, but she knows that soon enough it will be my time to go home and enjoy the world. Good luck Hector! And his family of course....=0). Joss has also gone home again so hopefully he will stay healthy and stay there!

I have started seeing the dietician again as my weight gain has slowed down. I still seem ginormous to anyone who saw me when I was really little as I now weigh 4.3kgs in comparison to my starting weight of 715 grams! But I still should be a lot bigger than I am. I grown in length too. I am now 54 cms long where as I was 31cms when I was born.

But the biggest change was today! The neonatal staff paid a visit to the paediatric unit to dig out a different set up for the bubble flow CPAP. It is a system that they used to use, but decided that the snorkel was easier for them. Anyway, I was getting pretty cross eyed, having been on the snorkel for so long, so they have set me up with this other (old) one and now I can see better and people can see my face better. Although I still keep going cross eyed still because I keep looking for the snorkel! I was pretty happy this afternoon because of it. Lots of smiling and being awake playing. Everything looks so different without the snorkel in the way. It is only for a trial to see if It works well for me. Hopefully it does. And I have already figured out how to pull it out of my nose when nobody is looking!!....=0)

My Nana Joan went home today. She has been visiting me for the past three weeks and it has been great to see her. Love you and miss you !

With Love From


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, Hello!
All great news and so much excitment for such a little man, you are a tough little cookie.
The new equipment really brings out your eyes and that beautiful SMILE WOW!

Uncle Mark is overjoyed to see your improvment and your starting to harras the staff,he aprovers of this and considers it to be good behaviour. It shows your are going to give your Mum & Dad heaps later in the teen years. GO BOY!!! keep up the good work.

Lots of Love Mark & Linda XXX

MsMelza said...

Hey Mark & Linda,

Congrats on the engagement! Much Love!

Demelza xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchell!! Do you know, we wrote you a message the other day but it disappeared!! Probably something to do with the fact it was very late so that'll no doubt be why....We are so pleased to hear about your hijinks - do you know, you'll have to be a good boy for your Mummy and sleep all night one of these days so that you can go crazy all day :)
Its cool to hear you and Greer are pretty similar in the weight stakes - she was 4.42 kg today (9lb 10oz) which was cool and is now 6 1/2 mths old or 3mths corrected.
Its fab to see you on the 'old' midline - you can charm everyone with your gorgeous eyes that much easier and its easier to see your bit smile.
Take care, keep up the progress. With lots and lots of Love, Anna, Ben, James & Greer