Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A bump in the road

Hi All,

I'm sorry for the delay in writing to you. I seem to have hit another bump in the road. I really must get someone to repave it for me.

Last week my oxygen requirement started to increase and on Friday I went from bad to worse. Over the space of a couple of hours I found it increasingly hard to breathe and was gasping for air. This meant that I had to go back onto the ventilator so that I could have a bit of a rest. I am still on it and the current plan is to give me another go back on CPAP on Thursday. In the meantime I am trying to speed up the process by demonstrating how easy it is to remove the tube, I can do it in a couple of seconds so I don't know why they have to wait till thursday.

Mummy reckons that it all happened because I was Jealous. A few of the nurses from the unit were going out to stay at my beach house on the friday night. That meant that they got to stay at it before I do. How rude. But I hear that they had a good time and enjoyed themselves so that is nice. Apparently it is a lovely place for a holiday and even warm in the winter time with great views of the ocean. I can't wait till I can stay there, I will get to go out there eventually I'm sure!

I am now over 200 days old and weigh 4.8kgs. Well that was my weight a week ago so who knows! I might have made it over 5kgs by now! I have been given some of my medicines in a teat so that I can suck on it. Boy, its heavenly to have nice stuff in my mouth. Mummy says it smells like oranges. But I am just always looking for more. 10 drops isn't nearly enough. I might get to try some other stuff soon but we will have to wait and see.

Mummy is busy sorting out a whole heap of photos to make an album on the web. Yes we know, you all only look on here to see my gorgeous photos.... so more photos are on the menu. Mummy and Daddy always seem to have their camera's in my face. Even Grandad is in on the act with his big flash jobbie. The ones that we have put on here today are from a group of photos that the hospital photographer took for us.

With Love From

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