Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back on the Good Stuff ( 23rd Dec )

Hi All,
Well they have put me back on the milk! Only 1ml every 12 hours but still, it is something more than the fluid bag I have.

I am looking and feeling well again today. Nice and relaxed even though I am a bit mischievous in setting off my ventilator alarms a lot. I am also still trying to have a good suck and chomp on the tubes in my mouth..... =0). Even with these little things it looks like I am one of the favourite babies in our NICU room with some nurses even requesting to look after me when they are on shift.

I heard mummy saying that there is a baby temporarily in the bed next to me that is 4.2kgs ( 10+ lbs) and looks like a giant in comparison to me. Even though I am doing very well with putting on weight. Mummy and Daddy got to help weigh me last night and I am 880gms ( I was born 715gms) so I am getting bigger.

I got my first sort of cuddle with mummy and daddy today! They lifted the top off my incubator and dropped one of the sides and after they had finished my cares, they each got to lean over me in the incubator and put their arms around and on me for a while. It was very nice. Grandad happened to be visiting and took some nice photos. Our first family portrait if you like with all three of us together. Mummy said she will get some copies and post them on here for me.

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