Thursday, December 27, 2007

Boxing Day & a bit of drama

Hi All,
Well there was a bit of drama today. As i was being turned over this afternoon my ventilator tube got knocked out and they had to hurriedly insert a new one so that I could breathe properly. And of course mummy and daddy turned up right why they were doing it and wondered what was going on. It was all ok though and the new tube is nice and secure.

Some good news is that I now weigh more than a Kilo! At my weigh in last night I weighed 1030 grams in comparison to the 715 grams I weighed when I was born.

Other than the tube drama I am just plodding along nicely and recovering from christmas.


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MsMelza said...

Hey lil man and parental the blog Peanut, thinking of you!
Be in to visit again soon!!!