Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas day & I have a name!

Hello everyone
Merry christmas! I have a name! My name is

Mitchell Dylan Jasper Brinfield

How exciting. It is a big name for little old me, but I am sure that I will grow into it. I hope that I can learn to spell it.

Christmas here is very exciting. Santa has been to see me and left me presents! I have been given a little christmas outfit with a knitted santa hat, bootees and a vest. I look really cool. Mummy and Daddy took lots of photos and so did one of the nurses who was dressed like a fairy.

I also got a teddy and a knitted christmas pudding on top of my incubator and a stocking at the end of my incubator. It had a candy cane, a bib, a sleeping bag and a poem in it. All for me, it is great.

Mummy and Daddy came in to see me in the morning and then came back in the afternoon as well. And when they came back they were telling me about the other presents that people had given me like a teddy called Duncan, a teddy called Sam, a musical caterpillar called Crawley, a set of plastic toy keys and another activity toy. I am very spoilt.

I also got lots of visitors. Grandad and Nana, Uncle Giles and Aunty Sheree, and Aunty Demelza.
I hadn't met Aunty Demelza before so that was extra nice.

I hope that you all had a wonderful day, I know that I did.

Merry christmas and happy holidays

With love from

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Rache said...

Congrats, Mum & Dad. You have a beautiful boy.
Mitchell, keep growing strong for mum & dad.

Rache from Treasures March 08