Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A turbulent few days

Hi All,
Mummy and Daddy have been very worried about me for the last few days. I got very tired and quiet and had 3 things wrong with me.

I am still on the ventilator and my lungs don't seem to be improving ( even though when i was first born I seemed very ready to come off the ventilator ). There has been something wrong with my tummy and it has been all swollen and blood in my stomach. And thirdly one of the valves in my heart is open again. All of this going on was a bit much for me to cope with so I wasn't very awake or reactive.

There was also the problem with which problem to fix first as the drugs for my tummy weren't good for my heart and the drugs for my heart weren't good for my tummy. The doctors and nurses have done well with coming up with a plan to help me out.

The good news is that my other eye is open so that I can see better. I won't be able to see detail for some time, but I still like to look at people when they talk to me.

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