Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two weeks old today ( 19th of dec )

Hi All,

Well I am two weeks old today and feeling much better. I have a lot more energy and almost back to my old self giving mummy and daddy either help or a hard time when they do my cares. I am spending more time awake and also lying on my tummy. Lying on my tummy helps me to breathe better.

My tummy is back to normal ( not greyish and swollen ) so they are just giving it a few days to settle down before they attempt to feed me milk again. I am almost finished the antibiotics for my tummy which means that they can start me on the course of drugs for the valve in my heart. I am also no longer on the insulin.

I keep hearing everyone commenting on how much better I am looking now, which must mean that I am doing something right. Mummy and daddy keep giving me pep talks telling me to sleep lots, grow bigger and get better so I must be doing some of that!

Here is a picture of me with my daddy......

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