Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cuddles with Daddy (22nd Jan)

Hi All,

Yesterday I got to have my first cuddles with daddy and it was so cool. I had to wait till monday because Dad thought that he might have been getting a cold on saturday and sunday so had to look silly and wear a mask on his face. It was funny. Our first cuddle started out with me wondering if this whole thing was a good idea, as within the first few minutes Daddy managed to give me two big frights as he adjusted the chair. I wasn't expecting it and both times I jumped. But pretty soon we were both so really comfortable and chilled out in the recliner that the cuddle was about 2 hours long! The time just flew by. It was a bit strange at first as his chest is different to Mummy's, but it was still ultra comfy. I even got a few "souvenir" chest hairs, daddy wasn't too pleased with that though. I don't know why he needs them all though. I haven't got any on my chest so I think he should share. ...=0) Isn't that what dad's are for? Grandad and Nana came to visit while I was having a cuddle so I got to see them too which was cool.

I had my eye test this morning so that they can look and see if my retinas are developing normally. They put in some yucky eye drops, which I didn't like very much and then they looked at both my eyes for a while. The worst thing was that I wasn't allowed any food for 2 hours afterwards in case there was a reaction with the eye drops (I'm not sure why, food goes in my tummy not my eyes). That just made me grumpier. And then they tried to put an IV in my arm so that I could have a blood transfusion as my red blood cell count was low. I made sure I held Mummy's hand and concentrated on something else. I was able to play it pretty cool and Mummy said she was very proud of me. All the poking and prodding with the different things over the morning made me a bit upset, so I had to have a quiet day after all that. But on the plus side, the eye test showed that I was not one of the babies with a detached retina and I am on the lowest level of concern for how my retina's are developing so it means that they just keep doing the check every couple of weeks to make sure it still the same or better.

Oh yeah, and I am now up to full feeds, a whole 13mls every two hours. Yay for me!

With love from,

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bill said...

hi mitchell,

just amazing how your dad looks like his mum, i wonder who you will look like?

must be great for you glenn to hold the little one, such a precious time