Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trusty Old Friends ( 23rd Jan )

Hi All,
I got two old friends back today. The first was that i got moved back into room B ( the room I was in before my surgery ) and second was that I got put back onto the ventilator. I was just getting too tired and run down breathing by myself. Its ok though, as it is only temporary until I am ready to give it a go again. The doctors and nurses are really proud of me for lasting as long as I did on the snorkel so that is good. And next time I will last even longer!

Being in room B means that I have lots of other babies in there to keep me company and get into mischief with. After I was put back on the ventilator two of the others followed suit. We also like to make all of our alarms all go off at once.

One of the good things about being back on the ventilator is that Mummy and Daddy can see my face better. They can also brush my hair. I had some horrible hat hair after wearing a hat with the snorkel for ten days straight. The hair brush they bought me is nice and soft and feels lovely on my head. I tried to help mummy when she was brushing it. I am also having better luck with getting my thumb into my mouth without the snorkel in the way!

I also have a new game that has me seeing how many new nappies I can get at one change time. I will leave you to imagine the details, but my current record is 3!

With love from


bill said...

hey all, mitchell is looking so much bigger and stronger, you must be very proud of him.

hope you two are doing well

Toes said...

Hi Bill, Yes he is getting bigger! which is just what he needs to do. Still has work ahead of him, but he will get through just fine.

We are good over here. Hope that you and oscar are good as well. Are you all coming over this year?