Friday, January 18, 2008

My New House (18th Jan)

Hi All,
Well I have had a very good few days. I have been weaned completely off the morphine, which is excellent. My oxygen dependency levels have come down a lot ( so I am breathing on my own more ) and I have started slowly putting on weight again after losing lots from getting rid of all the puffiness. I almost weighed 1300 grams at my puffiest, but now I weigh 1050 grams. My feeds are increasing every day and I am currently up to 7mls every 2 hours. I am tolerating them very well and am often waking up before they are due. Thats because I am getting hungry by then, so I wriggle around a bit to make the nurse remember to feed me and hurry up a bit. Mum says that I am just like dad and get a bit stroppy if I have to wait for my food! Its not that, its just that I am hungry!

One of the big changes for me over the past few days is that I have a new house! It is an open top cot instead of an incubator. It is more of a big boys bed. They had to put me in it as I was getting too hot in the incubator these days and it was making my temperature fluctuate which is usually a sign of infection. But in this case there was no infection and I was just hot. My new house is pretty cool. I can hear more going on and it is easier for the nurses to do things for me, and mummy and daddy can hold my hand more easily ( OK, so I actually hold their hand not the other way around ). It is a bit coincidental that I got a new house. Mummy read me a story about Eeyore getting a new house and then I got a new house. I wonder if that means I will get stuck in a tree like Tigger and Roo or have 17 pots of hunny like Pooh? I can't wait to see if there are more similarities to come!

My Baby friend Greer managed to make it home to Nelson this week which is very exciting for her and her family but we will miss them. We wish you all luck and love and hope to see you again to have a play date when we are both big and strong!

I had a second cuddle with mummy today for a whole hour and a half and I am due to have a cuddle with daddy at some point over the weekend which I am really looking forward too. I am really enjoying these cuddle things and am really settled while I have them.

With love from

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