Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jiggled About ( 27th Jan )

Hi All,
I am now back onto the big oscillator machine again for a few days. I was on it before christmas and it was really good for my lungs so the doctors are giving it another go. I have been needing a high volume of oxygen with the ventilator and they hope that the shaking form the oscillator will help to stimulate the opening up of my lungs and the capillaries more. A small part of one of my lungs has collapsed so they are keeping a close eye on it but think it will open up ok really soon. It all sounds a lot worse than it is. I assure you that I am fine though and still wide awake and alert when Mummy and Daddy come to see me.

One of the things about being on the oscillator is that it shakes my whole body. I was put on it soon after my feed yesterday and it meant that I was a little bit sick as it all got shaken up. Dad cleaned it up really quickly and well though. Thanks Daddy. They have cut my feeds right down to 1ml every 6 hrs and will slowly build it back up again so that my body learns to tolerate it again.

Mummy read to me 2 stories last night. The first was the second half of the Winnie the Pooh story where Owl's house gets blown down in the wind, and the second ( to keep with the theme ) was the three little pigs. I liked the three little pigs. It made me smile when mummy was saying "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!" in a funny voice.

A version of the story can be heard here ( not by mummy, that version is just for me!)

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