Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No News is good news ( 29 Jan )

Hi All,

I have been so tired today. I could barely keep my eyes open and as it happens, I had lots of visitors! Part of the reason I have been so tired is because I have had a couple of days of being awake a lot, not sure what the reason is, it might just be getting used to room b again ( it is quite a bit brighter and nosier ).

Mummy has almost finished reading me the house at pooh corner book and is trying to decide what to read me next. We have put a poll up on the side of the blog so that people can vote on which book we should read next. It will be cool to see how many votes we get! We also added a counter to the page a couple of days ago as we had no idea how many people were reading my ramblings, although we have heard that there are quite a few. And it is already over 100! That is amazing!

Daddy has a cold at the moment so hasn't been able to come and see me. I hope you get better soon daddy, I miss you. And I want to know what game you decided to play after finishing Halo 3. I know that you are just practicing till I come home and can play together. You will know what the best games are by then.

My oxygen dependency is steadily dropping and my lungs are staying pretty stable. They have also started weaning me off the Nitric gas as well which is really good news. Hopefully in a week or so I can have another go with the CPAP snorkel.

My feeds have now increased to 7 mls every 2 hours and are going up a couple of times a day. At this rate I will be back up to full feeds in no time. For a couple of days it seemed like I was having more medicines than milk! At least that is changing now.

As you can see from this picture, even in my sleep I blow bubbles!

With love from

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