Saturday, January 12, 2008

One Giant Step ( 10th of Jan )

Hi All,

Exciting news! I am off the ventilator! My breathing is mostly me now but I am still a little assisted which is why I have this snorkel\face mask but it means that I am well on my way to breathing on my own. YAY! It is a little weird to be wearing this helmet and stuff but if it helps, I will put up with it. It is better than having the tube down my throat, but it means I don't have something to try and pull out..... ;-)

It was funny tonight because on their way home this afternoon Mummy and Daddy stopped at the baby star shop and bought me a really nice soft hair brush because daddy thinks that I need a hair cut because it keeps sticking up everywhere. Mummy says I don't need a haricut and just a brush so that is why they bought me a brush. Anyway, what was funny was that when they came back that night I was on the new snorkel which meant that I wear a hat with it and they couldn't use my new hair brush after all . Mum said I had better hurry up and get onto the big boy prongs so that she can use my nice new brush on my lovely locks. I personally don't care what they look like, I don't have to look at them! =-) but I guess I should look pretty for all of you......

Mummy is still reading me the House at Pooh Corner book but last night after all my excitement from getting my new snorkel I was too tired to stay awake and listen to it.

My infection has cleared up so I am off the antibiotics. I have also lost a fair bit of weight over the last few days as I am finally getting rid of all my fluid (and as Mummy keeps saying, my "thunder thighs") so I weigh just over a kg now (1050 grams). It also means that my nice blue hat is now way too big for me! Oh well, just another thing to grow into!

And as you can see from the photo, I am thinking about becoming a singer and have been practicing with my tubes!

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