Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ups and Downs (14th & 15th Jan)

Hi All,

Well yesterday was not a good day ( 14th ). I was a very unhappy chappy. I couldn't get comfy, I couldn't breathe properly and every time I was handled I got very upset. The doctors and nurses were a bit worried so they decided to give me some more steroids to help my chest and to also give me some smaller prongs in my nose for my snorkel. Both of these things helped heaps and I managed to get a very good nights sleep.

Just those two changes made me feel like a completely new boy! Today I was much happier and calm. I can breathe more easily and only needed half the oxygen that I used yesterday. Mummy came to see me by herself this afternoon because daddy has gone back to work. I do miss daddy, but he comes to see me after work instead. Something really cool happened when Mummy came to visit. We got to have our very first skin to skin cuddle! It was very exciting.

I got a little upset when nurse Anna got me out of the incubator, but as soon as I was against Mummy's chest I calmed down and enjoyed my cuddle. I slept quite a bit and practicesed my sucking (on my feeding tube). Mummy said that she could hear me sucking and that was ok, because I need to practise for when I start breast feeding. I have been trying hard to suck my thumb but my silly snorkel keeps getting in the way. I will get there eventually. Mummy also hummed and talked to me. It was nice to hear her voice and heartbeat like I used to.

I was nice and calm but very tired when I got put back into my incubator, but I hope that we get to do it again soon. Next time I hope that Daddy is there too, and if I am really good then I will get a cuddle with Daddy soon!

With love from,

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