Sunday, February 10, 2008

Graduation (10th Feb)

Hi All,

I have some great news! I'm not going back into room B which is the intensive care part of the neonatal unit! Instead I have "graduated" into room C, which is an intermediary room before going into the nurseries. This means that I am very stable and have been a very good boy. I am still in the isolation room, but I am officially counted as a member of room C. They have left me in the isolation room because I have been so good and like the peace and quiet! When someone else needs the room I will be moved out.

I have also been given a new bed. It is still an open cot, but it is an unheated one. I now just get blankets or even clothes to keep me warm. Today I got to wear a nice cardigan. At the moment my own clothes are a bit big for me so I wear neonatal ones, and I'm not wearing them very often so it doesn't really matter. Eventually I will get to wear some of the lovely stuff that people have given to me. It shouldn't be too far away! And instead of using the sunshade thing over my head to block out some of the light, my bed has a canopy like a bassinet has.

I have been very good with my breathing and oxygen requirements have stayed really stable which is great news. I got to have hold with Mummy both yesterday and today, it has been ages since we have had a cuddle. It was lovely and I got to fall asleep in her arms. Unfortunately, Daddy wasn't there 'cos he was on-call and when he is at the hospital he has to turn his cellphone off. Oh well, I will see him tomorrow.

Oh and happy birthday Uncle Flannel, oops I mean Uncle Nathaniel!.....=0)

With love from

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Tishy said...

Yayy! So excited for you Mitchell :)