Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day! ( 29th February )

Hi All,

I am having my hernia fixed today. My surgery is scheduled for 2:30pm this afternoon. Unfortunately this means that my last feed was at 6am this morning. I am going to be so hungry by the time I get out! They are going to do it by epidural so that I don't have to go back onto the ventilator. It is a pretty common surgery so it should be fine.

I am going to have a nice long cuddle with Mummy this morning and she is going to read me a winnie the pooh story about leap day. She also has a present for me if I am good during surgery which is nice.

I am 12 weeks old now too!

Talk to you later
With love from

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Dennis007 said...

Prayers as always for you little man! Dennis and lakshmi Prendergast