Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's My Due Day Today!! ( 11th March )

Hi Everyone!

Today was supposed to be my due date. That means that I am officially zero. Even though tomorrow I will be 14 weeks old, officially my adjusted age will only be 1 day! Up until now I have been working backwards as it were. It really is a strange thought, but I should only be coming into the world about now. I have already seen and done so much though. Least of all become an internet star!

Mummy came in today and sang me "Happy Due day to you" and gave me a present. Actually it is a present that I was given for christmas, but I wasn't ready to play with it till now. It has turny things, and textures and makes a few different noises. Its a bit big for me to play with by myself, but it is good to watch mummy and daddy play with it for me! I still like my ducky. We have become very good friends, and sometimes he can even be found holding in my dummy for me. Mummy also made some brownies for the staff on my behalf to celebrate my due date. Daddy was a bit jealous until he found out that she had made him some too.

Well Mummy and Daddy haven't managed to give me a bath yet. They need to do it when there are a few nurses around and things in the unit have been very busy recently so we are still waiting. Some of the night staff gave me a good wash the other night though.

I am progressing well weight wise and am now just under 1800 grams. This is really good news. Every bit that I grow helps to grow my lungs as well. This means that I will hopefully soon be on my way to the next level of breathing aparatus - called the wellington CPAP. I do have to have laser Eye surgery next week (monday) to fix my retinas that look like they have stopped developing. This means that I have to have a general anesthetic and go back on the ventilator for a little while, but hopefully should just be a minor bump in the road.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mitchell, Tamar and Glen - Finally I have come and visited Mitchell's blog - what a fantastic job he has done telling his story - a very special treasure to keep for him to enjoy when he is older and asking lots of questions of his neonate adventures. All is well here in Nelson - so good to be home, 93 days it was and now Greer is 102 days old and 'due' in the next couple of days - there has always been a discrepancy and she is either due the 13th or 15th, take your pick - Anna thinks its the 13th, Ben the 15th :). She seems to love it here - put on 45g in the first 6 days and a whopping 100g between Sat and Wed - WOW! All breastfed, so the mission of expressing constantly eventually pays off! James is over the moon having us all home together so we are enjoying some special times. We hope Mr Mitchell carries on his merry way - great progress and before you know it, your turn for home will be here :)! You won't know yourselves without the journeying to and fro between the unit and home each day!! It makes a difference to the petrol bill!! Such clever wee babes we have. Keep keeping us in touch, we just love hearing of his adventures.
Much love, Greer, Anna, Ben & James xxxx