Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bouncing like Tigger! ( 8th March )

Hi All,

I tried something new on Thursday. I got to have a go in the baby bouncer. It was pretty cool. I got to sit up and have a good look around. It really is too big for me but once i was snuggled in with blankets and things it was good. All the nurses walking past did double takes at me in the bouncer as it was a bit of a surprise. Mummy bounced me in it a little bit too as she knows that I like to be rocked when we have cuddles. So I felt a bit like Tigger, but I know that my bounces were nowhere near the size of his bounces! Still it was good fun.

I have been a bit grumpy for a few days this week, but it seems that I might have been a bit cold. I don't like having the blankets over my arms you see, so I always throw them off. But there is a bit of a draft from a vent near me, so my top half gets a bit cold and my bottom half stays toasty warm. So they have started putting some light clothing on me which helps with this problem and the last couple of days I have been much happier. Of course, the clothing is too big for me, but it still does the job. Mummy is going to bring in some of the clothes that I have been given so that I can wear them too, which is exciting. I will feel like a much bigger boy.

I am slowly putting on weight, but I did manage to put on 74 grams over thursday\friday so that was a good effort. I now weigh 1670grams, although I haven't been weighed today so I may be over 1700 grams now!

There are also rumours that Mummy and Daddy might be giving me a bath this weekend which is pretty exciting. Daddy is on call, so we will have to hope that he doesn't get called out.

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Rori said...

Baths are so much fun! I hope you get to have one with both Mummy & Daddy around. :) Yay for putting on weight, that's great.