Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter! ( 24th march )

Hi All!

Happy Easter Everyone! Mummy and Daddy have been telling me all about easter and the easter bunny and hot cross buns and easter eggs! I can't wait till next year when I will be big enough to try these things. Mummy said that she ate plenty of both so I can probably taste it in my milk. I haven't noticed any difference but I guess it was a good excuse for Mummy!

I have had a pretty good week this week. Although I have been grumpy a lot of the time. Me being grumpy is part of having chronic lung disease. That makes it hard for me to breathe and grumpiness is also a side effect of having steroids to help my lungs to grow. Did you know that a child's lungs keep growing until they are 7 years old? This is good news for me. It means that all the naughty parts of my lungs that don't work properly can heal, where as with an adult it is a lot less likely that their lungs would heal if they had lung disease.

After my laser eye surgery on Tuesday I was pretty good although I didn't like being on the ventilator and tried to pull it out a few times. So on Wednesday evening they put me back on the mid line bubbleflow CPAP (snorkel) and I was much happier. My oxygen dependency has been pretty stable since then anywhere between 45 - 55% which is pretty good for me.

One night this week I was so distraught that I probably only had an hours or so sleep between 11pm and 2pm the next day. The doctor ended up prescribing me a new anti-grumpy drug that helped me to get some sleep. I have only had it that once, but it is there if I need it again.

The next night I was given a nice warm bath and that helped me to relax and get some sleep too. That worked well and I slept for a good few hours. And then the next day, the maternity ward lent me a baby hammock to try sleeping it. It was really comfy and I could be bounced and rocked easily. I have been in it a fair bit, but it does take up a lot of room.

Mummy and Daddy gave me another bath and a cuddle yesterday that was just bliss. I wish I could have that everyday. I think that then I would sleep well every night! But I guess if I had it every night then it wouldn't be as special.

Enjoy your easter!

With love from,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gang - just dropping a line to say you are so often in our thoughts - hope this finds you well. Miss Greer is good, getting big and chubby - over 3kg now! Trialling a saturation monitoring on Tues off oxy - fingers xed! Are looking forward to seeing your wee man later in the year - think we might plan a break/reunion up your way sometime - still in the 'never never' but nice to think of sometimes. Greer liked all her chocolate milk at easter too (so did Mum!!) Love the Bolitho's xxxx