Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Almost there (9th April)

Hi All,

Well I am getting really big now. I am just under 3kgs now! I will reach it in the next day or so I reckon. Mummy sighed with some relief today as it looks like I am finally starting to get taller. I was getting very fat and she had been waiting for me to start growing up so that I stretch out some of the fat. I was starting to look a bit like buddah and she would rub my tummy for luck!
It did sort of work, they won a few dollars in lotto, but the $19 million was won in New plymouth!

Mummy went and bought a big box of nappies on special the other day, and now she is wondering if she should have bought the next size up! Her and Daddy think that I am going to be huge by the time I go home. Still no idea on when that might be, I have 3 definite goals to meet before I go home. The first is to get permanently onto the Wellington CPAP, then I have to graduate onto the low flow oxygen and then once on that I can start breastfeeding. I am allowed to go home on the low flow oxygen and will have my very own divers tanks to take home with me. Daddy hopes that they might throw in one of the big Nitric oxide ones so we can make the car go faster!

Until today I have been spending about 4 hours a day on the wellington CPAP which has been so fantastic. I try and stay awake for that whole time because everything looks so much better without the snorkel in the way. And I am a lot calmer. But it is very tiring for me. Its also heaps easier for Mummy and daddy to have cuddles and bath me so they really enjoy it too. But the last couple of days I have had to work really hard while being on it, so I have to give my lungs a bit of a rest for a few days before we get going on it again. Unfortunately my baby friend Eva has had a couple of set backs too, so I hope that she feels better soon too.

Happy Birthday for last sunday Uncle Giles! Sorry I wasn't there, but when are you coming back to see me? .....=0)

With Love from

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