Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! ( 5 June )

Hi All,

Today is my 1/2 year birthday. I am six months old today! Mummy and Daddy decided that because I have had a rough time recently, I deserved to have a good celebration. I had a great bath last night so that I might get some good sleep in preparation for a big day. But I was so excited that I woke up at 5am waiting for Mummy and Daddy to come in. I had a good play with the night nurse ( who I think had as much fun as me ) and then had another nap and woke up just as Mummy and Daddy got there. They made such a fuss of me that I couldn't stop smiling. They bought me in a smiley face helium balloon but I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but he and I have come to terms now. Mummy also bought in a birthday cake, some brownies and some rum balls so that everyone could be part of the celebration. She stayed up really late last night making them, but I think thats because she wasn't very organised...=0). But everyone liked them and put them in a good mood. Especially the rum balls. I didn't get to have any of the food but I did get to have some milk from a syringe a bit later in the day which I always love, but haven't had in a while ( my milk normally goes straight into my tummy). I also had two cuddles today. One with Daddy and one with Nana Joan. So I had a very full day.

Oh, and in celebration of the day I started giggling. Only daddy heard it, so Mummy is eagerly awaiting for me to do it again.

Some other good news is that all the test results came back from the states and they were all negative. And that is a good thing because if I had one of these strains of surfactant deficiency
there is no treatment or cure, which would really suck. But at least there would have been a reason as to why my chronic lung disease is so bad. Oh well, you can't know everything can you?

Happy belated Birthday Greer! She was born two days before I was and from what I hear she and her family went fishing on her birthday which sounds like fun. But she didn't get a cake where as I did.

With Love from,



Mark&Linda said...

Happy Big Day Mitchell,

Wishing YOU all the very best on this your special day!

Tamara and Glen our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Give Mitchell a big kiss and a warm cuddle, his strength is an inspiration.

Mark & Linda

YoungFamily said...

Happy 6 month Birthday Mitchell!! Pleased to hear you're making good progress...

Best wishes
Erin (GroovyBaby from Treasure forum) and Evelyn

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitchel, Hello!
All great news and so much excitment for such a little man, you are a tough little cookie.
The new equipment really brings out your eyes and that beautiful SMILE WOW!

Uncle Mark is overjoyed to see your improvment and your starting to harras the staff,he aprovers of this and considers it to be good behaviour. It shows your are going to give your Mum & Dad heaps later in the teen years. GO BOY!!! keep up the good work.

Lots of Love Mark & Linda XXX